Fellow Search Help

Searching for a Fellow

To search for a Fellow enter as much information as possible into the Search page to return the smallest number of possible matches. The greater the number of search terms that are entered the smaller the set of results that will be returned. Enter less search terms to return a broader set of results.


Searching using partial words

If you're not sure of the correct spelling of a name you can search using a partial word by enclosing your search term in percent (%) signs, for example:


Last Name: %son%      - returns Fellows with a Last Name containing 'son', such as 'Johnson', 'Wilkinson', 'Sansone', and 'Sondheim'.


Partial Word Search


Partial search terms can be used in combination with other terms. For example, you can search for all Fellows who live in Florida that have the term 'son' in their Last Name using the following search criteria:


Last Name: %son%

State/Territory: FL


First Name vs Middle Name

For some Fellows their middle name or middle initial is listed along with their first name. When searching using a First Name you're strongly encouraged to enclose the entered First Name in percent (%) signs to ensure that you receive the best results.


Example 1:

First Name: %Michael%  and Last Name: Smith     - returns fellows named 'Michael Smith', 'Michael V. Smith', and 'V. Michael Smith'


Example 2:

First Name: Michael and Last Name: Smith            - returns only fellows named 'Michael Smith' (exactly as entered)