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CLE Presentations
ACTEC Fellows are frequent speakers nationally at a variety of advanced Continuing Legal Education presentations. The appended listing of recent CLE presentations, with contact information for each speaker, demonstrates the range of subjects on which Fellows speak.
Summer 2014 Meeting
•    Beyond the Wonder Years: Advising Clients at the Beginning of the Journey
R.Hal Moorman; Jeanne L. Newlon; Jason S. Ornduff
•    Stay Linked with Your Younger Clients (and Your Younger Colleagues) by Forever Friending the Latest Digital and Social Media Technology
Kelly S. Henry; Robert K. Kirkland
•    Until Divorce Do Us Part
Dennis I. Belcher; Rhonda H. Brink
•    Haute Cuisinart ? Estate Planning for the Blended Family
Richard L. English; Joshua S. Rubenstein
•    Modern Day Magellans: The Brain Mappers
Robert B. Fleming; Adam F. Streisand
•    Eleventh Hour Action Items for the Client Who Is Approaching the Journey?s End
Peggy Sheahan Knee; Bernard A. Krooks
•    Balancing the Income and Transfer Tax Aspects of Traditional (and Not So Traditional) Estate Planning Techniques
Nancy G. Henderson; M. Read Moore; Diana S.C. Zeydel
•    The Inevitable Reality of Taxes: Providing the Liquidity to Pay Estate Taxes Due
Lawrence Brody; Mary Ann Mancini
Annual 2014 Meeting
•    Bureaucracy, Red Tape, and Delay: Who’s To Blame and Why? The Role of Banks and Lawyers in the War on Terrorism and Combating Money Laundering
Karen A. Fahrner; John A. Terrill, II
•    Managing Cyber Risks: Are You, Your Firm, and Your Clients Cyber-Safe?
John T. Rogers, Jr.; Suzanne Brown Walsh
•    Home Is Where the Heart Is ? And It Is Everywhere
Jonathan G. Blattmachr; Henry Christensen, III; Robert W. Goldman; Professor Jeffrey Alan Schoenblum
•    The Ascendancy of Income Tax Planning
Steven B. Gorin; Charles A. Redd; Clinton Eugene Wolf, Jr.
•    Beyond Kumbaya: What Trust and Estate Lawyers Need to Know about Mediation
Roselyn L. Friedman; Professor Susan N. Gary; Michael D. Simon
•    The Affordable Care Act and Social Security: Where Do They Fit In Estate Planning?
Deborah Green; Deborah J. Tedford
•    Dr. Barnes Takes a Mulligan: Maximizing the Chances That Your Donor?s Charitable Wishes are Followed
Turney P. Berry; Martin Hall; Margaret E.W. Sager
•   Staying Alive, Staying Alive: How to Keep the GRAT Dance Going After Funding
John F. Bergner; Julie M. Kwon; David Pratt
•    Diversity: Serving 21st Century Clients With More Than Just Good Wills and Great Trusts
Patricia H. Char; Professor David M. English; Terrence M. Franklin; Paula A. Kohut
Fall 2013 Meeting
•    Legal Migrants: Clients Who Move Between Community Property and Common Law States
Kenneth W. Kingma; M. Read Moore
•    The Good, the Bad, and the Innovative: The Evolution of Joint Spousal Trusts in Today’s Estate Planning
Karen E. Boxx; Louis S. Harrison; Robert K. Kirkland
•    Planning with Portability: When It Isn’t Potable
Thomas W. Abendroth; Barbara A. Sloan
•    How Does the Ethical Asset Protection Lawyer Sleep at Night? “Very Well, Thank You Very Much!”
Barry A. Nelson; Daniel S. Rubin
•    Beneficiaries Behaving Badly
Erin Donovan; Steven L. Hearn; Trent S. Kiziah
•    DOMA: Dead or Alive?
Dennis I. Belcher; George D. Karibjanian
Summer 2013 Meeting
•    Charitable Tricks and Traps for the Estate Planner
Stephanie B. Casteel; Lawrence P. Katzenstein
•    Serving Charitable Boards: Legal Challenges and Ethical Pitfalls
Edward J. Beckwith; Bridget A. Logstrom Koci; Margaret E.W. Sager
•    Nothing Lasts Forever— Or Does It? Perpetual Charitable Gifts Are OK, But What About Donor Intent?
Professor Susan N. Gary; Honorable Stanley R. Ott; Professor Robert H. Sitkoff; Kurt A. Sommer
Annual 2013 Meeting
•    How to Practice Law and Make it to your Child's Soccer Game, Make It Home ln Time for Dinner, Make it to a Ripe Old Age, Make Your Clients Happy, Be Happy Yourself
Louis S. Harrison; Nancy C. Hughes
•    Decanting: Refining a Vintage Trust
Farhad Aghdami; Susan T. Bart; M. Patricia Culler
•    Counseling the 50%: Select Divorce Issues for the the Estate Planner
Marc A. Chorney; Kim Kamin; Barry A. Nelson
•    FATF and Circular 230: The Expanding Impact of Federal Initiatives on Legal Ethics
Duncan E. Osborne; John A. Terrill, II
•    Who's the Spouse and Who's the Child: Impact on Estate Planning of New Developments In Same-Sex Relationships and Reproductive Science
Wendy S. Goffe; Professor Kristine S. Knaplund
•    Warning! Your Annual Excluslon May Be an Illusion
Mickey R. Davis; Charles A. Redd
•    Wandry Wonderings: Should You Be Using Defined Value Formula Transfers for Inter Vivos Gifts and Sales?
Stephen R. Akers; Carlyn S. McCaffrey
•    It's Not House of Cards: Step Transaction and Indirect Gift Planning and Defense Strategies
T. Randall Grove; Stephanie Loomis-Price; Louis A. Mezzullo
•    Planning for 2013 and Beyond
Ronald D. Aucutt; Lauren Y. Detzel; Stephanie E. Donaho
•    The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall, Unless We Work Hard to Make Them Small
John F. Bergner; Turney P. Berry; Ann B. Burns
Fall 2012 Meeting
•    Practice Made Perfect: Lessons from the Tax Court Judiciary, the IRS, and Private Practice
Honorable Maurice B. Foley; James F. Hogan; Stephanie Loomis-Price
•    The Role for ACTEC in Improving Federal Tax Laws
Gordon Clay; James F. Hogan; Ronald D. Aucutt
•    Dealing with the Continued Uncertainty of the Tax Law
Beth Shapiro Kaufman; Diana S.C. Zeydel; Ronald D. Aucutt
•    Top Ten Things You Need to Know When There is Something Foreign in Your Estate Plan
Ellen K. Harrison,; Michael G. Pfeifer
•    Impact of Matrimonial and Other Property Regimes on International Estate Planning
Leigh-Alexandra Basha; Joshua S. Rubenstein
•    How to Own Your Foreign Home – Tax Planning for the Foreign Real Estate Investor
Michelle B. Graham; Clare Maurice; Carlyn S. McCaffrey
Summer 2012 Meeting
•    A Review of How State Courts Have Grappled with, and Occasionally Fumbled, the Uniform Trust Code
Scot W. Boulton; Dana G. Fitzsimons, Jr.
•    Trust Me – Your Irrevocable Trust Can Be Modified Without
Going to Court
Bryan Howard; Christy Eve Reid
•    Trust Adventures in Wonderland – From the Meadow and
Through the Looking Glass; Situs and Governing Law
Peter S. Gordon; Margaret E.W. Sager
Annual 2012 Meeting
•    Oil and Gas Law 101 for ACTEC Dummies
Michael V. Bourland; Cynda C. Ottaway; James M. Maddox
•    Dancing with the Tax Man: Defending Transfer Tax Returns with Closely Held Entities
John H. Draneas; Stephanie Loomis-Price; Carol Warnick
•    Difficult Clients, Difficult Situations: Practical Ways to Manage Professional Conversations
Nancy G. Fax; Trent S. Kiziah; Cynthia Lee, J.D., Ph.D.; John A. Terrill, II
•    Where No Ethics Have Gone Before: Staying on the Right Course in an Expanding Universe of Technology
Hugh Kendall; John T. Rogers, Jr.
•    Pixar for Estate Planners: Animating Your Practice Through Social Media and Forever Friending Your Client’s Digital Assets – the Do's and Don'ts
Jean Gordon Carter; Louis S. Harrison; Robert K. Kirland
•    Estate Planning Issues with Intra-Family Loans and Notes
Lawrence P. Katzenstein; Robert M. Weylandt; Stephen R. Akers
•    Same as it Ever Was: Integrating Family Law, Property Law and Non-Marital Status in Estate Planning for Committed Couples
Rhonda H. Brink; Joshua S. Rubenstein; Anne Wynne
•    The Morning After: GST Tax Headaches and Some Palliatives Post-2010
Carol A. Harrington; Julie K. Kwon; Pam H. Schneider
•    Protecting Asset Protection: What Works, What Doesn’t and Why
Honorable Laurel M. Isicoff; Mindy A. Mora; Barry Mukamal; Barry A. Nelson
•    Be Careful What You Wish For: The Pluses and Pitfalls Facing the Expert Witness
Robert W. Goldman; Professor Robert H. Sitkoff; Louis A. Mezzullo
Fall 2011 Meeting
•    Real Life Experiences in Dealing with UPlAs - Practical Problems, Drafting and Other Solutions
Michael J. Cenatiempo ; R.Hal Moorman; Gary J. Streit
•    The Practical and Esoterica in the Income Taxation of Decedents, Trusts and Estates, and Related-Party Transactions
Theodore B. Atlass; Mickey R. Davis
•    I Think You Made A Mistake: Watch What I Will DO TO YOU Now!
Margaret E.W. Sager; Bruce S. Ross
•    Traps for the Tax Practitioner: Navigating Around Circular 230 and Other Hazards
Christopher H. Gadsden; Jonathan G. Blattmachr; Mary Ann Mancini
•    Issues in Special Needs Trust Drafting and Administration
Kim D. Fetrow; Keith Bradoc Gallant
•    Retirement Plan Myth-Busters
Robert W. Goldman; Steven E. Trytten
Summer 2011 Meeting
•    Session I: Dealing with the Partially Incapacitated Client
Deborah J. Tedford
•    Session II: “I Think I Might Have Made a Mistake”
Bruce Stone
•    Session III: Using Shelters, the Impact of Portability, Structuring GRATs
Diana S.C. Zeydel
Annual 2011 Meeting
Seminar B: Adding Value to Your Product and Strengthening Your Client Relationships
•    They Don’t Call Me Counselor for Nothing - Adding Value to Your Product and Strengthening Your Client Relationships
Robert K. Kirkland
•    Long-Term Care Insurance
Harry W. Wolff, Jr.
Seminar C: Dealing with the Overlapping Roles of Individual Fiduciary, Business Manager and Beneficiary
•    Dealing with the Overlapping Roles of Individual Fiduciary, Business Manager and Beneficiary (What do you do when big sister says to little brother: “That is why Daddy named me President AND sole Trustee!”)
William L. Harbison; Margaret G. Lodise
Seminar D: 2701, a Trap for the Unwary
•    Special Valuation Rules: Section 2701
Louis A. Mezzullo
Symposium I
•    Report of the Estate Planning in the 21st Century Task Force
Dennis I. Belcher; Professor Jeffrey N. Pennell; Susan D. Snyder; Bruce Stone
Symposium II
•    Are We Helping the End of Lifer Decision Process? The Role of the Living Will, Advanced Medical Directive and Health Care Surrogates
Kathleen R. Sherby
Seminar E: Something Old, Something New, Tax Forms and More
•    Procedural Issues for 2010 Decedents Under the 2010 Act
Lauren Y. Detzel
•    Preparing and Filing the Form 706: Who, What, How, When and Where?
Glen A. Yale
•    Preparing and Filing the Form 709: Who, What, When, Where and Why?
Glen A. Yale
•    Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax: Filings and Related Procedure
Laird A. Lile
Seminar F: Nuts and Bolts Issues in International Estate Planning
•    Nuts and Bolts Issues in International Estate Planning
Marilyn Piccini Roy
•    Structuring the Purchase of a Vacation Home in France - Succession and Tax Issues
Jean-Marc Tirard
•    Foreign Ownership of Land in Mexico; Fideicomisos and United States Reporting Matters
Michelle B. Graham
•    Key British Tax Concepts Applicable to US Persons: Planning for the Flat in London
Carolyn A. Reers
•    US Tax Compliance for US Persons Living Abroad
Carolyn A. Reers
Seminar G: Family Foundation Case Studies
•    Family Foundation Case Study Hypotheticals
Michele A.W. McKinnon; Jeffrey C. Thede; Anne-Marie Rhodes
•    Private Foundations: The Fundamentals
Michele A.W. McKinnon
•    Charitable Planning with Closely-Held Business Interests
Jeffrey C. Thede
Seminar H: Immortality and the Law
•    Immortality and the Law
Turney P. Berry; Jonathan G. Blattmachr; Ray D. Madoff
Hot Topics
•    Estate Planning Effects and Strategies Under the “Tax Relief... Act of 2010”
Stephen R. Akers
Fall 2010 Meeting
Protecting the Attorney and the Client
•    Hot Topics – This Time a Study in Certainties
Ronald D. Aucutt; Catherine V. Hughes; Beth Shapiro Kaufman
•    Can You Keep a Secret? A Look at Your Client's Confidentiality Privileges
C. Fred Daniels; James G. Pressly; Kurt A. Sommer
•    Anticipating the Audit Letter: Planning and Defending Against IRS Attacks on Entity Planning
Patrick J. Green; Stephanie Loomis-Price; T. Randall Grove
•    Current Developments in Asset Protection Planning Strategies
Barry A. Nelson; Gideon Rothschild; Nancy Schmidt Roush
•    Practical Issues Arising During Trust Administration
Donna G. Barwick; James B. Bertles; Tami Foley Conetta; Trent S. Kiziah; Mary Ann Mancini
•    Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution from the Inside Out – What Every Estate Lawyer Needs to Know
Gerard G. Brew; Steven L. Hearn; Robert N. Sacks
Summer 2010 Meeting
Practicing in Interesting Times
•    Session I: For the Lucky Ones: Administering Estates in 2010
Mickey R. Davis; Julia B. Fisher; Louis S. Harrison; Diana S.C. Zeydel
•    Session II: Formula Fantasy: Can Your Formula Clause Save You in 2010 and Beyond?
Mickey R. Davis; Julia B. Fisher; Louis S. Harrison; Diana S.C. Zeydel
•    Session III: How to Do Right by Not Doing Wrong: Keeping Our Clients from Jumping off Legal Cliffs (with Ourselves Attached)
Bruce S. Ross; John A. Terrill
Annual 2010 Meeting
Seminar A: Effective Planning without Discounts
•    Discounted but Not Defeated: Planning without Valuation Discounts
Milford B. Hatcher, Jr.; David Pratt
Seminar B: Copy This: Intelligent Planning for Intellectual Property Rights
•    Gone But Not Forgotten – Celebrity Estates and Intellectual Property Rights
Max Gutierrez, Jr.; Adam F. Streisand
Seminar C: Tales from the Crypt: Lessons to Be Learned from Past Mistakes
•    Tales from the Crypt: Lessons to Be Learned from Past Mistakes
Charles D. Fox, IV; Thomas W. Abendroth
Seminar D: Navigating the Maze: Medicare, Health Care Reform and Retirement
•    Navigating the Maze: Medicare, Health Care Reform and Retirement
Vicki Gottlich; Deborah J. Tedford
Symposium I
•    FATF and the Good Practices Guidance
Henry Christensen, III; Duncan E. Osborne
Symposium II
•    Marital Planning: A New Look in a New Environment
Elaine M. Bucher; L. Henry Gissel, Jr.; Shirley L. Kovar
Seminar E: Roth IRAs, What are They and Why Should I Care?
•    Roth IRAs, What are They and Why Should I Care?
Marcia Chadwick Holt; Louis A. Mezzullo
Seminar F: Selecting the Best Donee: Public Charity, Donor Advised Fund, or Private Foundation
•    Selecting the Best Donee: Public Charity, Donor Advised Fund, or Private Foundation
Edward Jay Beckwith; Turney P. Berry; Michele A.W. McKinnon
Seminar G: What’s Hot and What’s Not Sophisticated Life Insurance Techniques
•    Sophisticated Life Insurance Techniques
Mary Ann Mancini; Lawrence Brody
Seminar H: In Terrorem Soup to Nuts: Drafting, Planning and Litigating No Contest Clauses
•    In Terrorem Soup to Nuts: Drafting, Planning, and Litigating No Contest Clauses
Margaret C. Lodise; T. Jack Challis; John A. Hartog
Hot Topics
•    Hot Topics
Ronald D. Aucutt;Carol A. Harrington,
Fall 2009 Meeting
Techniques, Tools and Pitfalls in Changing Irrevocable Trusts
•    Norris P.Wright; Kathleen R. Sherby
Decanting—An In Depth View of the Latest Technique
Application of These Structures, Strategies and Tools in Real Life Litigation—Do No Harm
The 2010 Estate Tax Law
•    Ronald D. Aucutt; Lloyd Leva Plaine
Update on New and Proposed Regulations
•    Catherine V. Hughes; Barbara A. Sloan
How to Keep Granny from Being Taken for a Ride: Issues in Interstate Protective Proceedings and the UAGPPA Solutions
Annual 2008 Meeting
Seminar A: FLP/LLC Checklist and the Model LLC Operating Agreement
•    The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Estate Planning Clients Often Go Awry -- Utilizing the FLP/LLC Checklist and Model LLC Agreement to Keeps Plans of Track
Jerome A. Deener; T. Randall Grove; Nancy C. Hughes; Jonanthan J. Rikoon
Seminar B: Tax Apportionment - The Law and Forms
•    Tax Apportionment -- The Law and Forms
Professor Jeffrey N. Pennell; Cynthia Lamar
Seminar C: Preventing Malpractice Claims in an Estate Planning and Administration Practice
•    Preventing Malpractice Claims in an Estate Planning and Administration Practice
Dominic J. Campisi
Seminar D: Ethics and the Applicability of FATF Rules to Estate Planning Lawyers
•    FATF and Patriot Act Requirements: What Should a Trust and Estates Lawyer Worry About?
Judith McCue; Gideon Rothschild
Symposium I
•    A Form Approach to Tax and Non-Tax Aspects of Drafting and Administering Trust Distribution Provisions
Bruce Stone; Susan T. House
Symposium II
•    Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth: Donor Restrictions on Charitable Giving - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Turney P. Berry; Edward Jay Beckwith; Carolyn C. Clark
Seminar E: What an Estate Planner and Trust Administrator Should Know about Investment Planning
•    What an Estate Planner and Trust Administrator Should Know about Investment Planning
Donna G. Barwick; Jeffrey J. Call; Ralph Heckert
Seminar G: The Nuts and Bolts of Private Trust Companies and Family Offices
•    The Nuts and Bolts of Private Trust Companies and Family Offices
Ronald D. Aucutt; Carol A. Harrington
Seminar H: Giving Your Trust a Facelift: Modifications, Change of Situs and Decanting
•    Giving Your Trust a Facelift: Modifications, Change of Situs and Decanting
Laird A. Lile
Hot Topics
Fall 2007 Meeting
Session I - The Mathematics of Estate Planning
•    The Mathematics of Estate Planning—When to Pay Gift Taxes and What Techniques to Use to Leverage the Gift Tax Applicable Exclusion Amount
Jonathan G. Blattmachr; Milford B. Hatcher, Jr.; David L. Weinreb
Session II - Income Tax Deductibility of Estate and Trust Expenses
•    Income Tax Deductibility of Estate and Trust Expenses – Is Anything Deductible?
George L. Cushing; Catherine V. Hughes; Bruce Stone
Session III - Planning With Grantor Trusts
•    Planning with Grantor Trusts—Structuring a Grantor Trust to Maximize the Benefits and Minimize the Risks
; Carlyn S. McCaffrey; Diana S.C. Zeydel
Session IV - The Mathematics of Post-Mortem Estate Planning
•    The Mathematics of Post-Mortem Estate Planning—When and How to Pay
Transfer Taxes?
George F. Albright, Jr.; Edward M. Manigault
Summer 2007 Meeting
Pass-Through Entities—Income Tax and Transfer Tax Strategies
•    Session One
Richard B. Robinson
•    Session Two
Richard L. Dees and Louis S. Harrison
Untying the Knot for the Not-So-Happy Couple—How to Plan for the Unstable Marriage
•    Asset Protection Planning to Avoid Marital Claims
Duncan E. Osborne
•    What an Estate Planning Lawyer Should Know About Pre-Divorce Planning and Drafting Property Settlement Agreements
Elaine M. Bucher
•    The Federal Income and Transfer Tax Consequences of Marital Transfers
Carlyn S. McCaffrey
•    Ethical Considerations in Representing a Married Individual in an Unstable Marriage
Charles M. Bennett
Annual 2007 Meeting
Seminar A
•    The Annotated ACTEC Shareholders Agreement
Nancy Schmidt Roush; Richard S. Scolaro and Steven B. Gorin
Seminar B
•    Planning at Death’s Door: Estate Planning for the Terminally Ill Client
T. Randolph Harris and Barbara A. Sloan
Seminar C
•    From NASCAR Condominiums to Private Mausoleums: Keeping the Vacation Home in the Family
Wendy S. Goffe and Gideon Rothschild
Seminar D
•    Income Tax Issues Confronting T & E Lawyers-the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
Theodore B. Atlass and Steve R. Akers
Seminar E
•    100 Years is a Long Time for Planning—New Concepts and Practical Planning Ideas
Henry Christensen, III and Michael L. Graham
Seminar F
•    Beyond Will Contests: Pre-Death Theft, Confidential Relationships and Non-Probate Diversion of Assets and What to Do to Remedy Them
David W. Kirch and James G. Pressly, Jr
Seminar G
•    Answers to Your Questions About International Estate Planning
M. Read Moore and Emily V. Karr
Seminar H
•    Financial Analysis Meets Tax Planning: In-Depth GRAT Analysis and Comparison
Jonathan G. Blattmachr; Diana S.C. Zeydel and Robert A. Weiss
Hot Topics
Symposium I
•    Hot Buttons on the New Uniforms: The Controversial Provisions of the UTC, UPOAA and UPMIFA
Howard M. McCue III; David M. English; Linda S. Whitton and Susan N. Gary
Symposium II
•    We’ll Sell the Business If We Can Pay No Tax
Turney P. Berry; Joe M. Goodman and Richard B. Robinson

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