Website Search Help

You search for content on the website by entering search terms into the search box and pressing or clicking the Search button. Content is defined as information stored on the ACTEC website, including web pages, documents, articles, events, press releases, and more.

Search for one or more words

Description: Search for content that contains all of the search terms.

Example Search: creditor kirkland

Returns: All content containing the words creditor and kirkland. The words don't have to be adjacent or on the same page.

Narrow Your Results

The resulting list of matches can be filtered based on the available criteria located on the left hand side of the page. Select the appropriate check box to filter by the displayed value. The available filters will change based on the content returned by the search.

Modify the Results

You can modify how the results are displayed, sorted, and grouped by changing the results options displayed at the top of the results list.