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ACTEC Law Journal Spring/Summer 2020 publication - Now available!

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The Spring/Summer 2020 publication -- the third issue of Volume 45 of the ACTEC Law Journal is now available in the ACTEC Store!

ACTEC Law Journal Volume 45, Number 3 content includes "Deducting Family Office Investment Expenses After Lender" by Robert Daily, "What if Granny Wants to Gamble? Balancing Autonomy and Vulnerability in the Golden Years" by Mary F. Radford, "Married is as Married Does(?)" by William P. LaPiana, "Marriage: The Surest Way to Entitlements" by L. Victoria Meier, and "The Elimination of Section 2035 in Relation to Powell and Cahill" by Ronald P. Wargo.

ACTEC Law Journal is a unique, high level academic journal which not only explores tax, trust and estate topics in depth, but deals with the practical consequences and applications of the rapidly changing rules in these areas of law. It is published three times a year and mailed free of charge to ACTEC Fellows, ABA-accredited law schools and board members of the National College of Probate Judges. Non-Fellows may subscribe to ACTEC Law Journal for $45.00 for three issues.

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