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National Estate Planning Awareness Week


Estate Planning Resources for Individuals and Families

In recognition of National Estate Planning Awareness Week 2022, ACTEC shares key resources from the award-winning ACTEC Family Estate Planning Guide library.

The ACTEC Family Estate Planning Guide video series offers families quality information and insight into the fundamentals of wills and trusts to encourage estate planning.

What is Estate Administration?  

ACTEC Fellows Carole M. Bass and Ray Prather answer the questions that clients have surrounding estate administration, such as “what happens if someone dies without a will?” and “how long will the distribution of assets process take?”.


Key Roles Involved in an Estate Plan  

ACTEC Fellows Emily Kembell and Natalie M. Perry explain of the roles and responsibleness involved in a will, trust, or estate plan such as fiduciary, agent, executor, trustee, and guardian.


How to Talk with Your Family About Estate Planning

ACTEC Fellows Jonathan W. Michael and Michaelle Rafferty offer recommendations for how and when to talk with your family about your estate plan, will and other critical documents.


Life Insurance Policies and Estate Planning

ACTEC Fellows Lawrence Brody and Jonathan W. Michael give a general overview of the opportunities and risks associated with term and permanent life insurance policies and how those factors are related to premiums.


Estate Tax Return

ACTEC Fellows Adam M. Damerow and Tye J. Klooster provide a step-by-step overview of estate tax preparation and filing process, including what clients need to know about the estate tax return, the extension, the exemption, and the IRS timeline for closing.


How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney

ACTEC Fellows Richard R. Gans and Linda A. Griffin offer families recommendations for what to look for in an estate planning attorney and where to look online to find one close to you. 


Visit the Estate Planning Video Library.


Resources for Wealth Management, Trust and Estate Professionals, and Law Students


Estate Planning Resources for Professionals 

ACTEC Fellows took the initiative to develop valuable content related to estate planning and regulatory matters impacted by the ongoing pandemic. The following information provides resources from trust and estate professionals who offer recommendations to Congress, the IRS, and Department of Treasury.



Wealth Advisor Resources  

Resources such as Emergency Remote Notarization and Witness Orders, 2022 Pocket Tax Tables, and the State Death Tax Chart.



ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk  

A weekly podcast series offering wealth planning professionals best practice advice, insights, and commentary on subjects that affect the profession and clients.