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Tools for Estate Planning Awareness Week

Resources for Individuals and Families

What You Should Know About Writing a Will 

What is a will? How do you choose a person to manage your will? When should you update your overall estate plan? 



Estate Planning in the 2020 Election Year  

How might the election affect estate planning, taxes and charitable giving? Learn what steps taxpayers may want to consider in 2020 and how to plan for future legislation, changes in the estate gift tax exemption and charitable giving.



Utilizing Positive Psychology in Your Estate Plan  

Learn about the importance of effective estate planning communication with family and beneficiaries and how to measure happiness and success.


Visit the full Estate Planning Video Library.


Resources for Wealth Management, Trust and Estate Professionals, and Law Students

2020 Estate Planning Resources for Professionals  

During 2020, Fellows took the initiative to develop valuable content related to estate planning and regulatory matters impacted by the pandemic. The following information provides  resources from trust and estate professionals who offer recommendations to Congress, the IRS, and Department of Treasury.



Wealth Advisor Resources  

Resources such as 2020 Emergency Remote Notarization and Witness Orders, 2020 Pocket Tax Tables, and the State Death Tax Chart.



ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk  

A weekly podcast series offering wealth planning professionals best practice advice, insights, and commentary on subjects that affect the profession and clients.