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Retirement Planning Legal Considerations

Retirement_Planning_Legal_Considerations_295Both estate and retirement planning are crucial for long-term financial well-being and achieving desired legacies. While estate planning involves organizing and managing assets to ensure their efficient transfer and distribution after death, retirement planning focuses on saving and investing to achieve financial security during retirement years. Understand when you should take Social Security retirement benefits, what documents you need to review if retiring to a new state, how to communicate and incentivize your wishes in your estate plan, the essentials of IRAs and naming beneficiaries, and more.   


Social Security Retirement Age and Benefits

Estate planning experts explain when you should take Social Security retirement benefits and how the decision may result in a reduction of income for dependents.



Should I Sign New Estate Planning Documents When I Move to a New State?

When you move to a new state, do you need to update your estate planning documents? ACTEC Fellows discuss which document you need to update and why.



Common IRA Beneficiary Scenarios

There are no do-overs with IRA beneficiaries! Understand the typical IRA beneficiary scenarios and why it’s critical to review every time you set up an IRA.



IRAs and IRA Beneficiaries

IRA beneficiary designations can be confusing. Learn the essentials of IRAs and naming IRA beneficiaries such as how to name a spouse, children, a trust, unborn children or charities as beneficiaries in this short video.



How the SECURE Act May Impact Your Retirement Plan

The SECURE Act, enacted in December 2019, changes everything in regard to estate planning with retirement benefits. Learn what you need to know from the experts at ACTEC.



Utilizing Positive Psychology in Your Estate Plan

Learn the role of positive psychology and communication when creating your estate plan and leaving assets to family and beneficiaries. Understand how to utilize a positive attitude framework that measures effective communication in estate planning.