ALI CLE Advanced Fiduciary Income Tax Planning (Replay)

Wednesday, August 16, 2023
12:00 PM - 01:30 PM

Join ACTEC Fellows Carl L. King, Justin Miller, Karen Sandler Steinert.

Why You Should Attend

Minimizing income tax liability is often a top priority when crafting an estate plan. While even the basics of fiduciary income tax can be fairly complicated, understanding how to reduce the burden of higher trust tax rates and avoid many of the traps for the unwary can be an even greater undertaking. This webcast will break down the complexities by exploring the impact of recent tax reform, case law, IRS guidance, and Treasury regulations related to the taxation of trusts.

What You Will Learn

Join an expert panel of estate planners and ACTEC Fellows as they discuss some of the more advanced fiduciary income tax issues that often arise with trusts and estates. Topics include:

  • capital gains in DNI
  • final year of termination
  • §645 elections to treat a trust as part of the estate
  • §642(g) elections to deduct administrative expenses
  • §663(b) 65-day elections
  • §1361 QSST and ESBT elections
  • §642(c) charitable deductions
  • §1202 QSBS trust stacking
  • §643(f) multiple trust limitations


Benefit from a discussion of income tax rules, traps to avoid, and how to help your clients minimize unexpected income tax liabilities.

This program was originally presented on February 7, 2023. Faculty questions will be answered by email within two business days.

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