ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk FAQs

ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk is a podcast series created for trust, estate and wealth management professionals as a way for the College to share expertise with the public. Over 50,000 podcasts have been downloaded by trust, estate and wealth management professionals and colleagues. Thank you for signing up to participate in this project.


ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk Posting Schedule


What’s the format of a podcast?

The podcasts are between 6 and 9 minutes in length. Occasionally they are longer due to the content discussed. A Fellow from the Communications Committee will be with you during the recording and serves as “host.” They will introduce the presenter(s) and thank you at the end of the podcast. The host is also available to ask pre-scripted questions during the recording. Bring along the questions to be asked if you would like to utilize this more interactive style. An example of a Q&A podcast is The GoFundMe Revolution.


I’ve never recorded a podcast. How should I prepare?

We recommend bringing a detailed outline of your topic. On occasion, presenters have scripted their podcasts. This is not necessary and a podcast will often have more energy if it is conversational and not read.


May I mention my firm or email address?

No. Self-promotion is strongly discouraged. Each presenter will be introduced as an ACTEC Fellow with the city and state in which they reside. Since every podcast is transcribed and posted to a webpage, a link to each Fellow’s profile on ACTEC’s website is also part of the format. Presenters who are not Fellows are introduced with their organization, city, and state. (Directions for Updating Your Profile)


May I offer listeners other related materials?

If you have a document or recommended links for consideration, please send them to staff coordinator so they can be reviewed and approved by the Executive Producer before you mention it in the podcast. 


Can more than one person present during a podcast?

Yes. The audio engineer is set up for up to 3 presenters. Listen to Trust Residency and State Tax Nexus Planning and The Digital Will Revolution to hear some lively discussions between Fellows.


How long after recording will my podcast take to post?

Podcasts are recorded for two days during the ACTEC National Meetings. There could be up to 20 podcasts recorded during that period. New podcasts are posted every Tuesday. News related and time-sensitive podcasts will be moved up the production schedule as appropriate. In may take a few months for your podcast to post. Susan Snyder, Executive Producer, will email each presenter when their podcast is posted. will send you the schedule of your podcast in advance.


Do you have suggestions of how I can make my network aware of my podcast when it posts?

Yes! We have several suggestions and appreciate Fellows sharing ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk podcasts with their network. Your podcast will be shared on a Tuesday to


We recommend Fellows share the podcast from ACTEC’s social media platforms to their professional network.


You may also embed your podcast on your firm’s website. For directions visit


To ask another question or share a recommendation, please email