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Special Edition of the ACTEC Law Journal

Call for participation in a “festschrift” edition of the ACTEC Law Journal in celebration of Dennis Belcher’s contributions. In academia, the term "festschrift" is used for a special issue celebrating the life and the work of an individual. People may write personal essays or more doctrinal pieces about something they learned from Dennis, some collaborative project, or other remembrances.

Please know you are encouraged to forward the call to others who might be interested.  Contributions from both ACTEC members and non-ACTEC members are very welcome. Details of the special issue, the deadlines for submissions and suggested topics are in the body of the call. 

Call for Contributions

Festschrift Issue of the ACTEC Law Journal in Honor of

Dennis Belcher (1951-2017)

The ACTEC Law Journal invites contributions to a special festschrift issue devoted to the life and work of Dennis Belcher, our colleague and Past President of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel. In academia, a festschrift is a volume of writings by different authors, typically meant to honor or memorialize someone who has made great contributions to their field. The editors of the ACTEC Law Journal believe it is appropriate and fitting to honor

Dennis’ contributions to our profession in this special way.

The festschrift will consist entirely of written contributions (not a live program) and is expected to be published in early 2018. Festschrift contributions should be between 5 to 20 double-spaced typed pages (including footnotes) and are due on September 15, 2017. Essays may be on any topic of interest to the author that is relevant to Dennis’ career or interests. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Estate planning techniques or doctrines that were of particular interest to Dennis
  • Salient cases in the public record in which Dennis played an important role
  • Dennis’ role as a mentor in the profession
  • Dennis’ role as a leader in the profession
  • Service to the profession and/or community by Dennis
  • Personal reflections about working with Dennis

Essays may be in the form of a traditional scholarly work (about a Trusts & Estates related topic) or a more reflective personal essay. Citation style should conform to the ACTEC Law Journal Guide to Citation Form, available here:

Contributions from ACTEC members and non-members are very welcome.  Please make submissions directly to the editor, Bridget Crawford(

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