Meeting Materials

Session 3: Modern Planning with Grantor Trusts

Helicopter to the backcountry with experienced guides and conquer the high angle slopes of tax planning with grantor trusts.

This session will discuss what triggers grantor trust status, transactions between the grantor and a grantor trust, reimbursement of income taxes incurred by the grantor, toggling grantor trust status, decanting to/from grantor and non-grantor trusts, and the income tax basis of irrevocable trust property upon termination of grantor trust status. In addition, this session will discuss the consequences of divorce after repeal of § 682; grantor trust status under § 678 in the context of Crummey withdrawal rights, BDITs, and BDOTs; foreign grantor trust requirements; and grantor trust reporting requirements.

Speakers: Farhad Aghdami, Jeanne L. Newlon, Howard M. Zaritsky