Nomination to ACTEC for Trust and Estate Professors or International Attorneys


The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel recognizes leading Academics of the Trust and Estate profession and leading members of the International Trust and Estate profession who have made a substantial contribution to the academic or international T&E field. To become an Academic Fellow or International Fellow of the College, one must be nominated by an active Fellow in good standing and elected by the Board of Regents.


Academic Fellow Requirements

In order to become an Academic Fellow of ACTEC, one must:

  1. Have a full-time academic appointment at a duly accredited law school and must, under ordinary circumstances, at the time of nomination and election be a tenured member of the faculty. A “duly accredited law school” is one that, at the time of the nomination of the Fellow, is accredited or provisionally accredited by the American Bar Association. For a Nominee to qualify as specializing in T & E law, the Nominee must devote at least half of the Nominee’s working time on an annual basis to teaching, writing, or lecturing in the area of T & E law.;
  2. Have not less than ten years' experience as a teacher specializing in T & E law or as a lawyer in active private T & E practice or, a combination thereof. In all cases, a Nominee must spend the three years immediately and continuously preceding the nomination and election specializing in T & E Law.;
  3. Have a well-deserved outstanding reputation, either among academics in the T&E field on a national level, or among the T&E bar in the state(s) where one teaches, or both;
  4. Have demonstrated exceptional knowledge of T&E law;
  5. Have made substantial contributions to the T&E field by lecturing, writing, teaching, or being involved in bar activities or in the enactment of significant state, federal or uniform T&E legislation, or outreach, education, and mentoring to communities that have been historically underrepresented in estate planning (“diverse communities”) on topics and issues connected to estate planning, probate, and trust.


International Fellow Requirements

In order to become an International Fellow of ACTEC, one must:

  1. Have been predominantly in the active practice of trust and estate law for at least 10 years;
  2. Have been regularly involved in cross border T&E work between the United States and another country that requires coordination and cooperation with lawyers of both countries;
  3. Have the level of practice and follow the ethical rules in the jurisdiction in which one practices, which must be comparable to those found in the United States;
  4. Be licensed in one's jurisdiction after meeting licensing requirements comparable to the licensing qualifications required to be a Fellow;
  5. Have a well-deserved outstanding reputation for cross-border work both in the country in which one practices and among the members of the College;
  6. Have demonstrated exceptional skill in cross-border T&E law;
  7. Have made substantial contributions to the cross-border T&E field that are highly rated among cross-border lawyers and are comparable to the highly respected contributions made by a Fellow through by lecturing, writing, teaching, or being involved in bar activities or in the enactment of significant T & E legislation in the country in one practices;
  8. Be a lawyer to whom members of the College who have personal knowledge would readily refer a matter within one’s field of cross-border practice expertise without reservation.


If you believe you are qualified and want to find out more about ACTEC, contact an ACTEC Fellow or the membership director at the national office,