ACTEC Law Journal Vol 43


Festschrift in Memory of 

Dennis I. Belcher





The ACTEC Law Journal invited contributions to a special festschrift issue devoted to the life and work of Dennis Belcher, our ACTEC colleague and Past President of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel. In academia, a festschrift is a volume of writings by different authors, typically meant to honor or memorialize someone who has made great contributions to their field. The editors of the ACTEC Law Journal believe it is appropriate and fitting to honor Dennis’ contributions to our profession in this special way.






ACTEC Law Journal Volume 43 Features:

Foreword — Festschrift in Memory of Dennis I. Belcher


Bridget J. Crawford

Part I



Foreword to the 2016 Joseph Trachtman Memorial Lecture


Michael H. Barker and William I. Sanderson

2016 Joseph Trachtman Memorial Lecture, March 19, 2016: Do We Need A Canary or Did the Canary Stop Singing and We Missed It?


Dennis I. Belcher

Outside the Box on Estate Tax Reform: Reviewing Ideas to Simplify Planning


Dennis I. Belcher




Part II



Dennis Belcher’s Little Red Book: The Wit and Wisdom of Dennis Belcher


Steve R. Akers

Memories of A Partner, Colleague, Servant-Leader, and Friend


Ronald D. Aucutt

In Memoriam Dennis Belcher: Lessons I Learned at the Feet of the Master


Dana G. Fitzsimons, Jr.

Dennis Belcher


Skip Fox

Larger Than Life


Carol Harrington

Remembering Dennis Belcher


W. Bjarne Johnson

Tribute to Dennis Belcher


Ed Koren

Dennis Belcher: A Good, Gifted, And Decent Man


Daniel H. Markstein, III

Memories of Dennis Belcher


Lou and Judi Mezzullo

A Remarkable Man; An Extraordinary Year


Karen M. Moore

In Memory of Dennis Belcher


C. Ware Palmer

What Made Dennis Special?


Jeffrey N. Pennell

Remembering Dennis Belcher: A Trusted Advisor and Friend


Tina Portuondo

Reflections on Dennis I. Belcher: A True Leader


Pam H. Schneider

Leach V. Hyatt: Recasting Indefiniteness


Thomas E. Simmons

A Celebration of Dennis Belcher


Bruce Stone

Dennis Irl Belcher: An Appreciation


James H. Walsh

Dennis Belcher


Anne Marie Whittemore

Remembering Dennis


Tom Word

Personal Reflections About Working with Dennis, the Best Trusts and Estates Lawyer in Virginia


Howard M. Zaritsky