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ACTEC Law Journal is a unique, high-level academic journal that not only explores tax, trust, and estate topics in depth, but deals with the practical consequences and applications of the rapidly changing rules in these areas of law. It is published three times a year and mailed free of charge to ACTEC Fellows, ABA-accredited law schools, and board members of the National College of Probate Judges. Non-Fellows may subscribe to ACTEC Law Journal for $45.00 for three issues.

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ACTEC Law Journal welcomes the submission of articles. Potential authors are encouraged to consult ACTEC Law Journal Brief Guide to Citation Form and Information for Authors and Author’s Agreement.

Current Issue: Volume 48, Number 1, Fall 2022 (pub 1/23)

In This Issue:

  • Functional Siblings, Donor-conceived People – and Intestacy by Naomi R. Cahn
  • Of Privacy and Publicity: Symbiotic Rights (or Wellspring of Obfuscation) by Jeffrey L. Carson and Trace Brooks
  • Common Law Business Trusts, Anonymity, and Inclusion by Eric C. Chaffee
  • Privacy in Plain Sight: How Blockchain Assets and Decentralized Technology Can Increase Privacy in Inheritance by Tye J. Cressman
  • Identity Appropriation and Wealth Transfer: Twain, Cord, and the Post-mortem Right of Publicity by Alyssa A. Dirusso and Timothy J. Mcfarlin
  • Joining the Global Community in the Fight Against Financial Secrecy: Congress Enacts the Corporate Transparency Act to Mandate Beneficial Ownership Reporting in the United States by Glenn G. Fox, Raj A. Malviya, Michael A. Breslow, and Kevin L. Shepherd
  • The Post-mortem Right of Publicity: Defining It, Valuing It, Defending It and Planning for It by Sharon L. Klein and Jenna M. Cohn
  • Adult Guardianship Privacy, Redaction, and Professional Responsibility by Alberto B. Lopez
  • Privacy, Probate, and Nazi-plundered Art by Alex Swanson
  • Fringe Inheriting: Probate Avoidance at Both Ends of the Wealth Spectrum by Allison Tait


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