ACTEC Studies

(Replaced by State Surveys)

  1. Will Requirements of Various States
    George Gordon Coughlin, Jr.

  2. Validity of Testamentary Pourovers
    Richard H. Pershan

  3. Rights of Nonresident Individuals to Act as Fiduciaries in Various States
    Marshall M. Green

  4. Rights of Nonresident Banks to Act as Fiduciaries in Various States
    Marshall M. Green

  5. A Survey of State Statutes and Practices Regarding Fees of Executors, Administrators and Testamentary Trustees
    Lloyd G. McAlister

  6. State Taxation on Income of Trusts with Multi-State Contacts
    Compiled by Max Gutierrez, Jr. and Frederick R. Keydel

  7. Real Estate in Probate and as a Nonprobate Asset
    Compiling Editor: Robert B. Lloyd, Jr.

  8. Anatomical Gifts (To Be Published)

  9. Adult Guardianship and Conservatorship (To Be Published)

  10. Surviving Spouse's Rights to Share in Deceased Spouse's Estate
    Robert B. Joslyn

  11. Real Property in Names of Husband and Wife
    A. Sydney Johnson, Jr.

  12. Apportionment of Death Taxes
    Jeffrey N. Pennell

  13. Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
    David W. Reinecke

  14. Virtual Representation (To Be Published)

  15. Validity of Illinois Land Trusts
    Stanley B. Balbach

  16. Living Wills and Health Care Proxies (To Be Published)

  17. Durable Powers of Attorney
    Shale D. Stiller and Sandra P. Gohn

  18. Equitable Adjustments
    Joseph P. Hanna, Jr. and Frank S. Berall

  19. National Fiduciary Accounting Standards
    Committee on National Fiduciary Accounting Standards

  20. Distributions from Qualified Retirement Plans and Individual Retirement Accounts
    Employee Benefit in Estate Planning Committee

  21. Forced Heirship/Family Protections (To Be Published)

  22. Charitable Remainder Trusts
    Joseph J. Hanna, Jr.

  23. The Rule Against Perpetuities  
    Joseph J. Hanna, Jr.

  24. Disclaimers