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Sponsor “Tips” for ACTEC Meetings


 Tips for successful sponsor participation at in-person ACTEC Meetings:

The College Culture 

  • ACTEC Meetings differ from trade shows for Sponsor representatives
  • Successful Sponsor participation will focus on the camaraderie among Fellows, guests, and sponsors
  • Aggressive outreach to Fellows for meeting times on their calendar or follow-up calls post- meeting will not be welcomed by the Fellows. 

Where to Meet Fellows

  • At the Sponsor Table Top Exhibit Area
  • Tabletop exhibits are assigned to ensure competitors are not placed next to one another.  Tabletops should not be moved unless approved by ACTEC.
  • During coffee and beverage service breaks and daily breakfasts
  • Sponsor Recognition Reception
  • Attend Committee Meetings and Professional Program Seminars

The College Logo

  • The ACTEC logo may not appear on products, materials, advertising or other promotional offerings

Hospitality Role of College Officers, Regents, Committee and State Chairs

  • Officers, Regents, Committee and State Chairs often serve as hosts at evening events to sponsor representatives. The College strongly encourages each Officer, Regent and Committee Chair who is attending a National Meeting to greet and talk personally to representatives of the sponsor company.

Sponsorship Advisory Committee

  • The Sponsorship Advisory Committee coordinates with the College staff and sponsors regarding policies and procedures for sponsorship opportunities at College events.
  • Please fill out the form below to communicate with the Sponsorship Advisory Committee or ACTEC staff.

Sponsor Comment, Question or Request

Please fill out the form below to request attendance to a committee meeting, ask a question or offer feedback.