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Virtual Meeting Tips for Sponsors


 Additional information for successful sponsor participation at the ACTEC Meetings. 

The College Culture 

  • Successful Sponsor participation will focus on the camaraderie among Fellows, guests, and sponsors 
  • Aggressive outreach to Fellows for meeting times on their calendar or follow-up calls post- meeting will not be welcomed by Fellows 

The College Logo 

  • The ACTEC logo may not appear on products, materials, advertising or other promotional offerings 

Where to Meet Fellows* 

  • Attend Committee Meetings (contact ACTEC Staff to confirm attendance)
  • Attend the CLE sessions
  • At the Virtual Sponsor Table Resource Page 

*Zoom links will be accessible on the ACTEC mobile meeting & desktop app schedule of events to attend the committee meetings, CLE sessions and Virtual Sponsor lounge social hours.

Hospitality Role of College Officers, Regents, Committee and State Chairs 

The College strongly encourages each Officer, Regent and Committee Chair who is attending a National Meeting to greet and talk personally to representatives of the sponsor company if the sponsor participation level includes these opportunities:

  1. Committee Chairs will welcome & introduce sponsors for brief introductory remarks at the start of the virtual committee meetings
  2. Leadership of the Program Committee will welcome & introduce sponsor(s) for brief introductory remarks at the start of the CLE session

Sponsorship Advisory Committee 

  • The Sponsorship Advisory Committee coordinates with the College staff and sponsors regarding policies and procedures for sponsorship opportunities at College events. 
  • Please fill out the form below to communicate with the Sponsorship Advisory Committee or ACTEC staff.

Sponsor Comment, Question or Request 

Please fill out the form below to request attendance to a committee meeting, ask a question or offer feedback.