The Executive Committee is comprised of nine members of the Board of Regents, including the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the immediate Past President. In addition, are three members at large elected for staggered terms of three years by a majority vote of the Regents then in office. The President shall be the chair of the committee. The Secretary shall be secretary of the committee. When a Fellow becomes Secretary, that Fellow begins the “path” through the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, Vice -President and President-Elect to President. The path to President is designed to give the Fellow experience with the key business areas of the College and to provide an opportunity to become familiar with the policies and procedures of the College prior to assuming the role of President.

Each of the Executive Committee members also serve as a liaison to the substantive and administrative committees of the College. As committee liaison, the Executive Committee member is expected to communicate issues being discussed by the Executive Committee and to advise the Executive Committee of actions or requests from the committees.  

The Executive Committee functions as a steering committee for the Board of Regents, and between meetings of the Board of Regents, the Executive Committee shall control the affairs of the College, with all authority of the Board of Regents except it shall not: (i) amend or repeal the Bylaws or adopt new Bylaws, (ii) fix dues, (iii) fill vacancies on the Board of Regents or the Executive Committee, (iv) create committees having the authority of the Board, (v) elect officers or members or adopt rules or regulations with respect to the election of officers or members, or (vi) approve any action which also requires the approval of the voting Fellows. The Executive Committee may act at a regular or special meeting in person, by telephone or video conference or other communication medium which permits all participants to hear and speak with each other, and by unanimous written consent.

Susan D. Snyder

Northern Trust
Chicago, IL

Peter S. Gordon

Gordon, Fournaris & Mammarella, P.A.
Wilmington, DE

Vice President
Margaret G. Lodise

Sacks, Glazier, Franklin & Lodise, LLP
Los Angeles, CA

Melissa J. Willms

Davis & Willms, PLLC
Houston, TX

Elaine M. Bucher

Boca Raton, FL

Immediate Past President
Kurt A. Sommer

Sommer Udall Law Firm P.A.
Santa Fe, NM

Member at Large
James D. Lamm

Lathrop GPM LLP
Minneapolis, MN

Member at Large
Margaret E.W. Sager

Heckscher, Teillon, Terrill & Sager, P.C.
Conshohocken, PA

Member at Large
Jeffrey C. Thede

Thede Culpepper Moore Munro & Silliman LLP
Portland, OR

ACTEC 2024-2025 Board of Regents


Susan D. Snyder, President

Peter S. Gordon, President-Elect

Margaret G. Lodise, Vice President

Melissa J. Willms, Treasurer

Elaine M. Bucher, Secretary

Kurt A. Sommer, Immediate Past President


Farhad Aghdami

Shannon K. Barks

Leigh-Alexandra Basha

Brad Bedingfield

Sarah S. Butters

Stephanie B. Casteel

Tami Conetta

Lora G. Davis

S. Gray Edmondson

Lyat Eyal

Dana G. Fitzsimons, Jr.

Gregory V. Gadarian

Miriam W. Henry

Joshua E. Husbands

Elizabeth Holland Hutchins

Shaheen I. Imami

Kim Kamin

Cynthia G. Lamar-Hart

James D. Lamm

Kevin Matz

Michele A.W. McKinnon

Steven K. Mignogna

Raymond Clifford Odom

Benetta Y. Park

Jeffery T. Peetz

Michaelle D. Rafferty

Carolyn Ann Reers

Margaret E.W. Sager

Professor Ronald J. Scalise

Susan B. Shields

Jeffrey C. Thede

Steven E. Trytten

Stephanie M. Tuthill

Suzanne Brown Walsh

Lauren Wolven