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The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel is committed to improving the trust and estate profession through life-long learning. Our trust and estate resources and educational materials provide valuable information for lawyers, professors and financial services professionals.

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ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk

ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk is a free weekly podcast series. The series offers wealth planning professionals best practice advice, insights, and commentary on subjects that affect the profession and clients. 

ACTEC Institutes

The ACTEC Institutes offer a six-day program of intensive trust and estate education over a one-year period for third through sixth-year law associates. Programs are designed to develop the trust and estate profession’s future leaders through a series of in-depth educational presentations.

State Death Tax Chart

A regularly updated chart organized by state that includes:

  • Type of Tax
  • Effect of EGTRRA on Pick-up Tax and Size of Gross Estate
  • Legislation Affecting State Death Tax
  • 2018 State Death Tax Threshold

This publication was compiled for the College by ACTEC Fellow Charles D. Fox, IV. 

Capital Letters 

Ronald Aucutt is an ACTEC Fellow in Florida with Bessemer Trust. Capital Letters offers unique insights into the legislative process behind estate tax reform and related transfer tax deliberations of the United States Congress and administrative developments at the Treasury and IRS.

State Income Tax on Nongrantor Trusts

A regularly updated chart organized by state that includes:

  • Statutory citations
  • Factors resulting in imposition of tax
  • Maximum tax rates on trusts

This publication was compiled for the College by ACTEC Fellow Richard W. Nenno.

ACTEC Tax Tables 

The ACTEC Tax Tables are a handy resource and guide to frequently used tax information, revised through April 18, 2023.

This publication was compiled for the College by ACTEC Fellows Susan T. Bart and Karen S. Gerstner.

AFRs and 7520 Rates

Links to IRS web pages showing current and historical Applicable Federal Rates (AFR) and Section 7520 Rates.

GRAT Calculator

An easy-to-use calculator to calculate the required annual payout for a “zeroed-out” Grantor Retained Annuity Trust.

QPRT Calculator

An easy-to-use calculator to calculate the taxable gifts for a Qualified Personal Residence Trust.