ACTEC Mid-Atlantic Fellows (Cohort III) Poem

ACTEC Mid-Atlantic Fellows (Cohort III) Poem

In the Mid-Atlantic Region, a group stands tall,
A fellowship of attorneys answering the call,
To uphold the highest standards of legal practice,
In the filed of trusts and estates, they lead with grace.

The ACTEC Mid-Atlantic Fellows are a force to behold,
With knowledge and expertise that never grows old,
Their commitment to their clients is second to none,
As they navigate complex issues and get the job done.

From Maryland to Virginia, and the District of Columbia,
They serve with dedication, wisdom, and fortitude,
Helping families plan for the future with care,
And ensuring their assets are protected and fair.

Their fellowship is a bond that’s hard to break,
As they share their experiences and learn from mistakes,
Support each other with a network so strong,
That their clients benefit and the community throngs.

So let us honor the ACTEC Mid-Atlantic Fellows,
For their commitment to excellence that only grows,
May they continue to serve with honor and pride,
As they protect legacies and keep legal practice in stride.