Tax Notes Recognizes ACTEC’s Comments to Treasury Regarding Section 199A

Jonathan Curry recognizes ACTEC’s comments to Treasury in his article Trust and Estate Practitioners Notch Win in 199A Regs in the January edition of Tax Notes  (Volume 162, Number 4, January 28, 2019, pages 428-430).  In September ACTEC submitted detailed comments to Treasury Notice 83 Fed. Reg. 40884, IRS and REG-107892-18: Comments on Proposed Regulations under Sections 199A and 643(f). As Curry reports, “The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC) had requested further explanation or modification of seven issues and Treasury obliged on several of them.”

ACTEC will periodically provide technical comments and expertise to the Congress, the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Treasury. Please visit the Legislative and Regulatory Comments by ACTEC web page to review the full list.