ACTEC Announces Kurt A. Sommer as New President

ACTEC today announced that Kurt A. Sommer will serve as the 2023-24 President. Sommer, the Managing Partner with Sommer Udall Law Firm, P.A. in Santa Fe, NM, succeeds Robert W. Goldman of Goldman, Felcoski & Stone P.A. in Naples, FL.

ACTEC Elects 53 New Fellows to the College

The Board of Regents of ACTEC convened during the College’s 2022 Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California to consider nominations for a new class of ACTEC Fellows. The College is pleased to announce 53 individuals were elected. This select group includes 35 Fellows, ten International Fellows from eight countries, one Academic Fellow and seven Fiduciary Counsel Fellows.

An Introduction to Native American Tribal Court

ACTEC released its video, An Introduction to the Native American Tribal Court, to provide an overview of the interworking of a tribal court, its jurisdiction, and its importance to Native American law and culture.

Consejos esenciales de planificacion patrimonial para latinos

En honor al Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana, que coincide con el Mes Nacional de Planificación Patrimonial, ACTEC lanzó el video Consejos Básicos en Planificación para crear un recurso crucial en español para que los latinos en los Estados Unidos protejan y leguen la riqueza generacional.

Essential Estate Planning Tips for Latinos

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, ACTEC released the video Consejos Basicos en Planificacion Paternal to provide insight as to why it is critical to develop estate planning documents, such as a will and power of attorney, to protect, preserve, and distribute assets at death or during incapacity.​