California State Meetings Presentations


California Fellows Meeting (August 12 – 13)


California Fellows Meeting (November 6 – 8)

2020 Meeting

  • California Fellows Meeting (December 1 – 2)
    • Proposition 13: Avoiding Traps and Managing Expectations by Bradley R. Marsh and Bart J. Schenone,
    • 2020 Recent California Developments…Delivered Via Instacart Latest developments and cases of interest in the state by Patrick A. Kohlmann, Robert E. Temmerman, Jr., and Vivian Lee Thoreen

2014 Meeting

  • California Fellows Meeting (November 14)
    • Brain Mapping and Its Implications for Understanding the Capacity of Our Clients by Adam F. Streisand and John Mazziotta, MD PHD
    • The Desirability and Enforceability of Arbitration Clauses in Trusts by John T. Rogers and Vivian Lee Thoreen
    • 100% Valuation Discount, Zero Tax? Yes … Personal Goodwill by Lance S. Hall
    • Authenticity and the Auction House by Joseph Francaviglia, Victoria Richardson and Leslie Wright
    • Current Irs Focus in Estate & Gift Tax Audits by John W. Prokey and Robin Klomparens
    • California Property Tax in Depth: Entity Planning Rules and Parent-child Transfers by Matthew Burke
    • Recent California Case Law and Legislative Developments by Patrick A. Kohlman and Robert E. Temmerman