Ethics and the Future of Practicing Law Remotely


Ethics and the Future of Practicing Law Remotely: Working from
the Beach, the Ranch, the Slopes, etc. (Ethics)

Seminar 1
June 24, 2023
Washington, DC

Lawyers occasionally live and work, part-time or full-time, in a jurisdiction in which they are not licensed to practice. Working remotely is now an integral part of many firms, large or small. It may be part of your plan to adjust your work-life balance or even to partially retire and work part-time. But how do ethical rules come into play when a lawyer works in a jurisdiction where he or she is not licensed? Is it an unauthorized practice of law? Should you be concerned? What steps do you need to take to practice ethically?

Join us for an in-depth discussion of the ethical and practical considerations you need to consider when working or recruiting attorneys who reside permanently or temporarily in another state or even another country, or choose to work outside a physical office structure.

Speakers: Lora L. Brown, Jack Metzler, Robert E. Temmerman

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