Florida State Meetings Presentations

2023 Meeting

  • Florida Fellows Meeting (July 19)
    • Session I: The Practical and Ethical Implications of ChatGPT and Generative AI in T&E by J. Grier Pressly III
    • Session II: Case Law Currents: Surfing Through Recent Legal Trends in Florida by Stacy Rubel
    • Session III: Conflicts of Laws and other Jurisdictional Issues in Trusts and Estates Practice by Mary Karr
    • Session IV: All Apologies: Lessons from Rock Star Estates by Cristina Papanikos

2022 Meeting

  • Florida Fellows Meeting (July 20)
    • Session I: Exempt Organizations: Why Choose an LLC? by Kelly Hellmuth
    • Session II: Series LLC’s: What Estate Planners Should Know and Why We Should Care by Cristin C. Keane
    • Session III: Things Admitted to Probate Other Than Wills by Richard Sherrill
    • Session IV: Virtual Representation, the Good and Bad by Nicklaus Curley

2021 Meeting

  • Florida Fellows Meeting (July 21)
    • No Pens, No Paper, No Problems? The New World of Electronic Wills by Jeffrey A. Baskies and Jenna G. Rubin
    • Uhh . . . Did They Do That Right? Improperly Executed Estate Planning Documents by Yoshimi O. Smith and Alfred J. Stashis, Jr.
    • Hot Topics in International Planning by Jennifer J. Wioncek
    • Ethics and Professionalism for Trusts and Estates Attorneys by Professor Phyllis Taite
    • Adoption and Dilution of Trust Interest by J. Richard Caskey and Hung V. Nguyen
    • Tenancy by the Entireties in Personal Property: Making the Case for Eliminating the Unities of Time and Title by Brian Malec and Robert L. Lancaster

2019 Meeting

  • Florida Fellows Meeting (July 24)
    • Revocable Trusts: Florida Trustee Duties and Beneficiary Rights Before and After the Settlor’s Death by Lawrence J. Miller
    • Six Ways to Provide Some Sunshine to Donors and Their Floridian Charities by Jason Edward Havens
    • Drafting Llc Operating Agreements by Nancy Schmidt Roush

2018 Meeting

  • Florida Fellows Meeting (July 25)
    • “it Wasn’t Me” – Liabilities of Co-fiduciaries Under Florida Law and How to Keep Your Client Out of the Danger Zone by Robert Lee Mcelroy IV
    • Tales From the Crypt: What You Should Know (and Ask) About Cryptocurrencies by Matthew Triggs
    • Why I’m Glad I Moved to Florida: Recollections From the Last Half Century by a Washington, D.c. Refugee by Ronald Aucutt

2017 Meeting

  • Florida Fellows Meeting (July 26)
    • To Share and Share Alike (or Not)? An Examination of the Treatment of Community Property in Florida by M. Travis Hayes
    • The Art of Decanting by Keith B. Braun
    • Putting It On & Taking It Off: Managing Tax Basis Today for Tomorrow by Paul S. Lee

2016 Meeting

  • Florida Fellows Meeting (July 27)
    • Trends from the Past 10 Years of Florida Case Law by J. Eric Virgil
    • Pay No More Estate Taxes by Lester B. Law
    • Fiduciary Tax Elections – Duties, Liabilities and Equitable Adjustments by David J. Akins
    • Estate Planning Hot Topics: Raging Waters, Despite a Tax Reform Drought! by Mark R. Parthemer

2015 Meeting

  • Florida Fellows Meeting (July 29)
    • Statutes of Limitations Applicable to Trustees’ Duties of Disclosure and to Account by Angela McClendon Adams
    • Pre-Contest Discovery: Yes, No or Maybe? by Amy B. Beller
    • Changing Domicile: What to Know Before You Go by Tasha K. Pepper-Dickinson
    • Public Policy and Homestead Waivers in Florida by Jeff Goethe
    • Spendthrift Trusts in Florida by Jon Scuderi

2014 Meeting

2012 Meeting

  • Florida Fellows Meeting (November 2-3)
    • Is It Time for a Second Look at the Florida Trust Code Accounting Requirements by Deborah L. Russell
    • A Seminal Matter: Assisted Reproductive Technology and Its Effect on Florida Estate and Trust La Wyers 
    • Will and Trust Provisions for ART Children by Bruce Stone 
    • Fiduciary Income Tax Planning in Difficult Economic Times by William A. Snyder
    • Fifty Shades of Gray: Ethical considerations for a drafting attorney when asked by a client to serve as a fiduciary by Deborah Packer Goodall