I Think a Change Would Do You Good:Representing Beneficiaries and Fiduciariesin Trust Modifications


Seminar 2
November 5, 2022
San Francisco, CA

Grantor’s remorse, aging sprinkle trusts, family feuds, beneficiary disability, tax law changes, and directed trusts – what do they have in common? These are some of the scenarios in which a trust modification might be appropriate. Kimberley McKinnon, an estate planner from Delaware, Jane Ditelberg, an in-house trust company lawyer from Chicago, and Geraldine Wyle, a fiduciary litigator from California, brought their varied perspectives to this panel. They discussed various methods for modifying irrevocable trusts and how to choose among them when modifications might be necessary or desirable, how to get your trustee on board, how to avoid liability, and how modifications can be used in the avoidance or resolution of fiduciary litigation. Will a change do you (and your client) good? This was the place to find out.

Speakers: Kimberly Gill Mckinnon, Jane Gorham Ditelberg and Geraldine A. Wyle

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