Rocky Mountain


Rocky Mountain Region Meetings Presentations

2023 Meeting

  • Rocky Mountain Region (September 8 – 10)
    • Session I: Prepaid Deaths by Professor Victoria Haneman
    • Session II: What’s Up? Recent Cases in the Rocky Mountain Region by Dennis Collins
    • Session III: Estate Planning Current Developments and Hot Topics by Stephen Akers
    • Session IV: Recurring Issues in Trust and Estate Litigation by Pamela Reiter and Jason Sutton
    • Session V: Estate Planning and Divorce: Considerations for Estate Planners Before the Marriage, In Anticipation of Divorce, and During Divorce by Kimberly Willoughby

2022 Meeting

2019 Meeting

  • Rocky Mountain Region (September 6 – 8)
    • Married, Divorced and Remarried: Planning for Changes in Life by Professor James M. Delaney and Professor Elaine Hightower Gagliardi
    • Estate Planning Recent Developments by Stephen R. Akers and Ronald D. Aucutt
    • Cowboys & Coyotes – a Primer on Trust Situs Considerations Under Wyoming and South Dakota Law by Amy Staehr and Patrick G. Goetzinger
    • Practice Suggestions for Purposeful Planners – Twenty or So Ways to Increase Client Happiness and Your Well-being by Louis S. Harrison
    • Purpose Trusts as a Planning Tool for the 21st Century by Professor Bradley Myers and Associate Professor Tom Simmons

2018 Meeting

  • Rocky Mountain Region (September 14-16)
    • Part Sold, Part Given: Obtaining Tax Deductions and Cash From Bargain Sale Conservation Easements by David J. Dietrich
    • Charitable Planning With Closely-held Business Interests by Jeffrey C. Thede
    • Back to Basis: Making Estate Planning Fun for Everyone by Turney P. Berry
    • Planning Under the 2017 Tax Act in an Environment of Huge Estate Exclusions and Other Current Developments by Stephen R. Akers
    • Ethical Questions Raised by the Fifth Edition of the Actec Commentaries on the Model Rules of Professional Conduct and the Sample Engagement Letters by Professor Karen E. Boxx

2017 Meeting

  • Rocky Mountain Region (September 8-10)
    • The Uniform Digital Assets Act by Professor Gerry W. Beyer
    • Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers and Others: Shower the People you Love with Tangential Planning by Rhonda Brink and Michelle Rosenblatt 
    • Community Property for Common-Law Lawyers by Professor Tom Featherston
    • Insuring Your Client’s Good Fortune Doesn’t Become Their Children’s Misfortune by Amy Jucoski and Jill Shipley
    • S Corporations in Your Client’s Estate Plan – Oh My by James R. Walker
    • Recent Developments in Estate Planning by Professor Stanley Johanson

2016 Meeting

  • Rocky Mountain Region (September 9-11)
    • Planning for the Unexpected and Retirement by Kurt A. Sommer and Harry W. Wolff, Jr
    • Beneficiary Rights & Trustees Duty to Inform by Kevin D. Millard
    • Native American Probate Issues: Federal Law, Tribal Courts, and Inheritance of Cultural Property by Sarah R. Lawson
    • When Charity Goes Wrong: Charitable Gifts in the Courts by Professor Nancy A. McLaughlin
    • South Dakota Trust Law: Fly Over or Drive By But Leave Your Trusts Here by Dale L. Strasser
    • Privacy, Copyright & Hacking Issues by Lincoln Mead

2015 Meetings

  • Rocky Mountain Region (September 12)
    • Succession Planning: Managing the Transition From Start to Finish by Mark Bassingthwaighte
    • Farm and Ranch Estates – Bareback or Saddle Bronc Riding?  How to Last Eight Seconds and Win the Go-round by James R. Walker, Justin D. Cumming and Bradley C. Grossenburg
    • Turning Oil and Gas Valuation “downside Up” and Resulting Opportunities by Alan Harp and Jim Maddox
    • A Comprehensive Model for a Humane Trustscape by Hartley Goldstone
    • Using Mediation and Arbitration to Manage Family Disputes by Prof. Susan N. Gary and Prof. Mary F. Radford

2014 Meeting

  • Rocky Mountain Region (September 12-14)
    • Top Tech Traps for Lawyers by Mark Bassingthwaighte
    • Estate Planning with Oil and Gas Investments by James M. Maddox and Larry R. Scott, PE
    • Financial Elder Abuse Issues by Dana G. Fitzsimons Jr, Bruce S. Ross and Vivian L. Thoreen
    • Planning with the Compression of Tax Rates by Cassady V. (“Cass”) Brewer, Ellen Harrisona and Paul S. Lee

2013 Meeting

2011 Meeting

  • Rocky Mountain Region (August 12-14)
    • Recent Cases Dealing with Step Transaction Doctrine and Applying Section 2703 to Disregard Restrictions by Louis A. Mezzullo
    • Drafting Considerations for Buy-Sell Provisions by Nancy Schmidt Roush
    • Update on Recent Developments in Asset Protection by Duncan E. Osborne
    • The Ana Nicole Smith Case by Bruce S. Ross
    • Ethical Challenges in Representing Families in FLP by Professor Mary F. Radford
    • Nonprobate Transfers –Financial Accounts and the Fragmented Estate Gone Wild by James R. Walker
    • Issues to Consider in Drafting Conservation Easements by Professor Nancy McLaughlin