The Tax Court is Here to Help


The Tax Court is Here to Help:
Valuation and Appraisers
as Expert Witnesses

Seminar 2
June 24, 2023
Washington, DC

This session will provide guidance from a litigator, appraiser, and Tax Court Judge on analyzing and commenting on valuation reports. The session will focus on assisting the Wealth Transfer Advisor in understanding and refining appraisals to ensure that gift, estate, and generationskipping transfer tax returns are prepared in a manner that is most defensible in audit and in Tax Court. The session will also include a discussion of the role of advisors in reviewing appraisal reports in detail, the backbone of appraisals and the type and extent of review of the appraiser’s analysis and conclusions.

Speakers: Carsten Hoffmann, Stephanie Loomis-Price, The Honorable Cary Douglas Pugh

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