Vacation Property Overseas


Vacation Property Overseas:
Dream Come True or
an Estate Planning Nightmare?

Seminar B
March 3, 2023
New Orleans, LA

Will your client’s overseas dream vacation property turn into a tax and estate planning nightmare? Should you title it in an LLC, a foreign company, a revocable trust? Can your client leave it to a spouse rather than children (forced heirship concerns)? What if the client spends too much time there and becomes tax resident? Are there trust reporting and beneficial ownership requirements? What are other considerations in such jurisdiction? How should you plan for a client’s overseas assets including situs wills, Brussels IV, etc. This panel looked at selective popular jurisdictions (UK, Europe/Spain, and Canada) to address these questions and other issues relating to owning and dying with assets in foreign jurisdictions.

Speakers: Ruth Mattson, Amanda Stacey, Sonia Velasco and Emma-Jane Weider

Materials | Audio Recording*

* Please note: Due to technical difficulties which occurred during this session, a break occurs within the recording approximately 25 minutes from the start of the recording. We apologize for the interruption.

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