You Can Take Your Creditors With You:Understanding and Managing the Rightsof Lifetime Creditors Following Death


Seminar 3
November 5, 2022
San Francisco, CA

Most ACTEC Fellows are aware of and apply in their practices the laws pertaining to their clients’ existing and potential creditors. While that planning is very important during a client’s lifetime, the landscape changes dramatically, and sometimes in unanticipated ways, following the client’s death. The panelists considered, using a detailed fact pattern, how existing or potential creditor claims are impacted by the client’s death. The panelists practice in three states with significantly different legal traditions and post-mortem rules dealing with probate and trust estate administrations. They  used those variations to demonstrate important ways in which the rights of an individual’s creditors, and, by extension, their beneficiaries, are impacted by the ways that claims are handled after death.

Speakers: Paul J. Barulich, John C. Moran and John A. Terrill, II

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