Committees, Task Forces & State Chairs

Participate in ACTEC’s Committees

Take your practice or academic career to the next level!

ACTEC’s Substantive Committees provide among the best benefits of membership. Join trust and estate lawyers and academics from around the world, who are at the forefront of the profession, to discuss challenging issues and the latest developments. Learn about cutting-edge techniques and gain practical takeaways that you can use. Strengthen your professional network, develop lasting friendships, and help to advance the practice of trusts and estates. 

Substantive Committees

The Substantive Committees examine the latest developments and techniques in the field of trust and estate law. There are currently twenty Substantive Committees and Task Forces.

Administrative Committees

Administrative Committees are engaged with staff in the operations of the College.  Examples include Membership Selection, Bylaws and Manuals, Audit and Financial Management, amongst others listed in the College’s Policies, Practices and Procedures Manual.

Committee Appointments

Each year the President-Elect appoints members to ACTEC’s Substantive and Administrative Committees for the upcoming College year. Appointment requests are accepted starting in September through the conclusion of the ACTEC Fall Meeting. The appointments become effective after the ACTEC Annual Meeting in which the President-Elect becomes President. 

Committee Chair Resources

The College offers a collection of resources and important dates for substantive Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs.

State Chair Resources

The College offers a collection of resources and important dates for State Chairs and State Chairs-elect.

ACTEC Foundation Committees

Foundation Committees are engaged in the operations of The Foundation. Examples include Grant, Fundraising, Audit and Financial Management, among others listed in The Foundation’s Policies, Practices and Procedures Manual