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Economic Inequality in America

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America has a complicated problem of economic inequality for people of color that dates back to slavery. According to the Pew Research Center, the black-white income gap in the US has persisted over time. In 2018 the median black household income was 61% of the median of white households. Promoting asset transfer between generations, intergenerational wealth, is a critical piece to the puzzle of closing the wealth gap.

Rochelle_RileyRenowned author and journalist Rochelle Riley discusses how wealth disparity relates to the estates and trusts practice and how to effectuate change to diminish the racial wealth gap. Ms. Riley is best known for "The Burden," a collection of essays exploring the enduring impact of slavery and post-slavery discrimination on African Americans. She is a crusader for government accountability and improved race relations. ACTEC Fellow Stephanie Perry hosts Ms. Riley in this timely video.



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