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Advance Medical Directives (Power of Attorney, Advance Directives and Medical Orders) 


Advance medical directives are legal documents that allow individuals to express their healthcare preferences in advance, including decisions about medical treatment, end-of-life care, and appointing a healthcare proxy. They ensure that one's wishes are honored even if they are unable to communicate or make decisions for themselves. Whether you are creating your Power of Attorney (POA), helping your aging parents, or launching your 18-year-old newly legal adult child, you can find the answers here.  


Advance Medical Directives: Living Will, Medical Orders (MOLST & POLST), DNR

Advance directives are documents that express an individual’s healthcare wishes. Estate planning attorneys define and discuss end-of-life advance medical directives, including a Living Will, Healthcare Proxy, medical orders (MOLST & POLST), and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders.  



Getting Your Affairs in Order: Essential Legal Documents

Understand what legal documents you need to get your affairs in order. The Coronavirus pandemic has made it essential to review important legal documents such as Durable Power of Attorney (aka Financial Power of Attorney) and Advance Healthcare Directives (Healthcare Proxy and Living Will).  Understand what you need in place from an ACTEC elder law expert.



Estate Planning for a College Student or Young Adult

Understand what documents you should discuss and prepare for your college-bound and young adult when they turn 18, a legal adult.



Understanding Powers of Attorney

Understanding your Power of Attorney (POA) is critical to estate planning. It is the single most important document you can sign. A nationally-recognized expert in all aspects of elder law and special needs estate planning shares his expertise in this informative video.