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Effective Email Communication


Effective Email Communication

There is more to effective email communication, than typing the message and pressing the “Send” button. For insight into the use of email in general, and emailing Fellows through the ACTEC list services in particular, check out the following:

More Efficient Use of Email, by Robert B. Fleming. Discusses dealing with Spam, organizing stored email and managing your email account to prevent unwanted email.

Kaitlin Duck Sherwood, A Beginner’s Guide to Effective Email. A nice introduction to the techniques of effective emailing – includes how to find someone’s email address.

Overwhelmed by the deluge of email? Want to learn how to manage your email more effectively? See The Fourfold Path to Email Enlightenment by Dennis Kennedy.

Email, like hard copy transmission, presents some significant challenges as to transmission and retention. If you are thinking about preparing a firm policy relating to the sending and storing of email messages, here is a sample, or model, policy you might want to look at: http://home.swbell.net/artstl/policy.htm . Other issues to think about are the organization of retained emails, secure storage and deletion (to delete or not) based on subject matter and age.

Netiquette: The Core Rules of Netiquette excerpted from the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea. There is an etiquette to the use of e-mail. How not to abuse your power to email. See, also, The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette by Arlene H. Rinaldi — and other info on using the Web.

Robert B. Fleming and Timothy L. Takacs, ACTech Talk: Getting More Out of Your E-mail Program: Advanced Tips and Techniques (Winter 1999). Tells you how to use the most popular e-mail programs.

Kenneth E. Johnson, Lawyer’s Quick Guide to Email. Things lawyers need to know about composing e-mail messages.

For help in managing your flood of Emails see, Taming the Email Tiger by Dennis Kennedy for helpful techniques and advice.

Mary Houten-Kemp’s Everything E-Mail™ Website. Teaches readers that e-mail is much more than just sending a message.

For a list of email lists on many subjects see Liszt: The mailing list directory.