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ACTEC-TECH List Service

Welcome to actec-tech@actec.org. If you are a member of the ACTEC Technology in the Practice Committee you have been automatically subscribed to this listserv. While this list service is provided for members of the ACTEC Technology Committee, it is open to all Fellows of the College.

This Welcome Message constitutes the policy and procedures statement for the ACTEC-TECH list and is important to each and every member of the list. Ignorance of or blatant disregard of the following rules are grounds for suspension or removal from the list at the discretion of the owner of the list (ACTEC) or its host (fsr.com). Please save this message for future reference, especially if you are not familiar with listservs.


This list has been created for the purposes of sharing and exchanging information, news, insights and opinions regarding the ongoing work of the ACTEC Technology in the Practice Committee. This work includes networking and discussing issues computer issues affecting the trusts and estates practice and issues relating to the development and production of the ACTEC Web site at http:/www.actec.org.


Note that the content of this list is not moderated in that all messages are automatically forwarded by the listserver to all subscribers without preview. Membership on this list is a privilege, and personal attacks and profanity will not be tolerated. If you feel that this privilege is being abused by a subscriber, it is your right and responsibility to email the list moderators at actec-tech-request@actec.org and report this.

Email software varies on individual machines. For this reason, avoid using the “reply” button to the sender and instead send the message to the listserver name (actec-tech@actec.org).


Due to the nature of this Committee, it is assumed that for Technology Committee members, there will be no subscriptions to or unsubscriptions from the list service until there is a change in the Committee’s status or membership. However, since this list serv is open to all Fellows of the College, you may subscribe/unsubscribe to the list serv at any time.


The list service is served by First Step Research, the webmaster for this list. In the event you have technical difficulties, you should send an e-mail message detailing your problem to webmaster@actec.org.

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