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Listserv Allow/Opt-Out Tech Tips

Email Allow List

There may be occasions when you do not receive an email that ACTEC has sent to you. There are many factors that cause email programs (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) to incorrectly identify legitimate email as spam/junk.  Adding ACTEC to your ALLOW list  as an email sender will help ensure that you continue to receive our email notifications.

Please ask your IT Support to help you allow messages from If they can, ask them also to allow the following IP addresses that ACTEC is currently using

Newsletters, meeting and general announcements / CIDR =

All ACTEC List servs (List Servs) / CIDR =

CLE Submission and Certificates (CLE) / CIDR =

Opt Out

In addition, in an effort to offer Fellows the ability to decide which email announcements they would like to receive, we have created an unsubscribe web page. The unsubscribe web page will allow you to opt out of specific messaging categories while still receiving the announcements you wish to receive.

If you would like to opt out of messages from any of ACTEC’s List Servs please notify the webmaster by sending an email noting the list serv. Thank you for working with ACTEC’s IT team to refine Fellow communication.