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Listserv FAQ

ACTEC List Serv Q&A

If you are having a problem receiving messages from ACTEC-Prac/Tech or another ACTEC List Serv this page is here to help you.

Q – How do I send a practice-related question?

A – The ACTEC-PRAC list is used by the Fellows for a wide-ranging discussion of all facets of T&E practice. Questions related to the practice should be posted to the ACTEC PRAC Listserv at  Note: You need to be subscribed to post

Q – How do I minimize Email clutter from the ACTEC Lists?

A – Too many emails? We have a high volume of interesting and useful messages on the PRAC list. To receive your ACTEC-PRAC and other email list messages once a day only, change your subscription options. Go to the Subscription Form for List Services page – click on the left side menu “Email/Discussion Forums – Email Management.” Consider selecting the “Digest (MIME format)” button to choose the daily digest format that will deliver the messages to you with only a subject list, but one that you can click on to display the full text of any given message. This format delivers the bundle with a table of contents that separately links to each message. This is an improvement in that you need only read selected messages in the daily digest. This format also permits you to reply separately to a particular message. Just enter your email address and name and click on “Join the List” to reset your options.  If you need assistance email

Q – I do not know my list serv password?

A1 – For ACTEC-Prac/Tech Click Here to reset your password.

A2 – For the other ACTEC list servs your password is sent to you at the beginning of each month.

Q – My email address changed and I need to update my email address?

A1 – You need to update your information in the list serv.

  • Go to the applicable list serv archive
  • Click on “Join or leave the list (or change settings)”
  • Change your email address.

A2 – Contact if you need to change your email address on a different list.

Q – I posted a message to ACTEC-Prac/Tech, but I did not see my post?

A1 – To make sure your message went out you can do one of two things.

  • Wait and see if you get a response to your message.
  • Check the applicable list serv archive

A2 – If you never see your posts to ACTEC-Prac/Tech, it is highly likely that your spam filter is blocking the messages.  You should switch to a post-confirmation message by following these steps:

  • Go to the applicable list serv archive
  • Click on “Join or leave the list (or change settings)”
  • Scroll down to the Acknowledgements section and switch from “Receive copy of own postings” to “Short message confirming receipt
  • Click Update Options

The Short message confirming receipt will look something like the following

From:LING.FSR.COM LISTSERV Server (16.0)<LISTSERV@LING.FSR.COM>Subject:Your message dated Mon, 18 Jul 2016 16:19:19 +0000 with…Message Body:Your message dated Mon, 18 Jul 2016 16:19:19 +0000 with subject “TITLE” has been successfully distributed to the actec-prac list (_____ recipients).

A3 – If you still do not get the post-confirmation message or you want to get a copy of your post, you are going to need to get your IT department involved because they are going to need to white list ACTEC-Prac/Tech in your spam filter.

  • Ask IT support to “white list the IP address in your spam filter”

Q – I signed up for ACTEC-Prac/Tech, but I do not see any messages?

A1 – Contact to make sure you are on the list.

A2 – Ask your IT support team to white list the IP address in your spam filter.

Q – I am not receiving any messages from the other ACTEC list servs including fellows, attendees, my state, my region, or my committee list servs.

A1 – Contact to make sure you are on the list with the correct address and that a message has gone out that you have not received.

A2 – Ask your IT staff to white list the IP address and have them contact if they have any questions.

Q – I want to modify or cancel my subscription to ACTEC-Prac/Tech?

A – You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time by doing the following steps:

  • Go to the applicable list serv archive
  • Click on “Join or leave the list (or change settings)”
  • If you want to modify your subscription, make your changes and click “Update”, or if you want to unsubscribe, Click “Leave”.

Q – My post to ACTEC-Prac/Tech was rejected because it contained an “IMAGE/JPEG”? (See sample below)

From:LING.FSR.COM LISTSERV Server (16.0) <LISTSERV@LING.FSR.COM>Subject:Rejected posting to actec-prac@LING.FSR.COMMessage Body:Your posting to the actec-prac list has been rejected because it contains an attachment of type ‘IMAGE/JPEG’.

The actec-prac list has been configured to reject such attachments.

Please contact the list owner at actec-prac-request@ACTEC.ORG for more information.

A – Likely your signature block has a company logo included.  We recommend sending a plain text message.

Q – My question was not answered, what can I do?

A – Please email your question to