Law Journal ACTEC Law Journal published three times a year, explores in-depth tax, trust and estate topics as well as those that deal with the practical consequences and applications of the rapidly changing rules in these areas of law. Previously published as Probate Notes [1975-1990] and ACTEC Notes [1990-2001]). Fellows may access back issues at Non-Fellows may subscribe or purchase issues in the ACTEC Store.
COMMENTARIES ACTEC Commentaries Fifth Edition 2016 on the Model Rules of Professional Conduct provides better guidance to estate planners regarding their professional responsibilities and how the most relevant of the ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct apply to trust and estate lawyers. Originally published in 1993, the College revised and updated editions in March 1995, 1999, and 2006.
Engagement Letters ACTEC Engagement Letters: A Guide for Practitioners, Third Edition, 2017, a companion volume to the ACTEC Commentaries, Fifth Edition, includes checklists and forms which address engagement scenarios to assist lawyers in providing professional and ethical services to clients.
Pocket Tax table Pocket Tax Tables, revised March 2017, are a quick guide to frequently-used tax information. Fellows can access the Tax Tables at Non-Fellows may purchase copies in the ACTEC Store.
What It Means to be a Trustee What It Means to Be a Trustee: A Guide for Clients, 2005, is a guide for clients outlining the duties and responsibilities of a trustee and to practitioners in advising clients on what it means to be a trustee.
ALI-CLE Estate Planning Course ALI-CLE publishes the Estate Planning Course Materials Journal six times a year to bring you the most up-to-date estate planning materials from ALI CLE courses. ALI CLE editors cull through the thousands of pages of outlines, forms, updates, and checklists produced each year by our distinguished estate planning faculty. You get advice on the best new tools and methods for saving your clients money; outlines that are easy to read and practical in scope; time-saving forms and checklists that are easily adapted to your practice.