The Joseph Trachtman Memorial Lecture stands as a cherished tradition of the College. Presented with unwavering dedication each year at the ACTEC Annual Meeting, this lecture draws one of the largest audiences among all the programs featured during the event. This esteemed lecture began in 1974 and, for the first two years, was known as the “Learned Lecture.” In October of 1975, the Regents made a decision imbued with recognition of Joseph Trachtman’s monumental contributions to both the College and the realm of probate, trust, and estate law, and elected to honor his legacy by rechristening the lecture series as the “Joseph Trachtman Memorial Lectures.” The inaugural “Joseph Trachtman Memorial Lecture” was delivered in 1976 by M. Carr Ferguson and was aptly titled “Income in Respect of Decedent: Liquidation or Sale of Business Interests,” marking the beginning of a tradition that continues to inspire and educate ACTEC Fellows and their guests to this day.

Past speakers include Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Professor John H. Langbein, Sterling Professor Emeritus of Law and Legal History at Yale Law School, well as Past Presidents Dennis I. Belcher, Carlyn S. McCaffrey, and Ronald D. Aucutt.

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