Sponsor Spotlight – Bessemer Trust

Sponsor Spotlight – Bessemer Trust

Share a tip for new sponsors on what makes your experience at an ACTEC meeting most successful.

Be proactive in introducing yourself—engage in genuine conversations and show genuine interest in both the Fellows and ACTEC as a whole. Of course, all sponsors attend in the hopes of exchanging contact information for future business opportunities, but never lose sight of the fact that ACTEC prides itself on the experience of attending an ACTEC meeting and on the organization, not simply on your success as a sponsor. Secondly, jump right in and fully leverage the meeting. Most events are filled to the brim with breakfasts, sessions, coffee breaks, outdoor activities, dinners, and more. As a sponsor, don’t just stand at your swag table—get out there and meet the Fellows. Spend time with them and their guests. Building a strong, trusting relationship with all the ACTEC meeting participants is key to a successful sponsorship experience. The more you engage with the Fellows, and they see your true character, the more confident they will be in your ability to understand their clients’ needs and achieve their goals.

What does Bessemer Trust find most enjoyable about sponsoring an ACTEC meeting?

We are incredibly fortunate to have been involved with ACTEC for close to 15 years. The energy that surrounds you when attending an event, especially an ACTEC Annual Meeting, is infectious. Seeing the Fellows, spouses and guests, sponsors, and staff come together with such joy is always impressive—most notably, the collegiality, professional curiosity, and fellowship. Sponsoring an ACTEC meeting can be enjoyable for various reasons, such as networking opportunities, brand exposure, and the chance to showcase your firm’s products or services to a targeted audience of legal professionals. Whether within the conference rooms or out and about on a planned excursion, you will find that the ACTEC meetings provide a platform for building relationships within the legal community and gaining visibility in a professional setting. Networking with the best attorneys in the world is a strategic move that can yield invaluable insights and opportunities. Building a professional relationship with a top-tier ACTEC Fellow not only provides access to unparalleled legal expertise but also opens doors to a vast network of influential individuals within the broader wealth management realm. Collaborating with ACTEC means aligning with a reputation for excellence, which can enhance credibility and foster connections with other high-profile professionals. Through ACTEC sponsorship, one gains not only legal guidance but also a pathway to success within the intricate web of the legal landscape.

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