Sponsor Spotlight – Christie’s

Sponsor Spotlight – Christie’s

What do you find most enjoyable about sponsoring an ACTEC meeting?

Christie’s has sponsored ACTEC meetings for over two decades—and for our team members, the most enjoyable part has been forming both long-term professional relationships and friendships with ACTEC Fellows nationwide. We love getting to meet the red dots (first-time attendees) and blue dots (Fellows elected within the last five years), in addition to having the opportunity to re-connect with ACTEC leadership, Regents, and committee members.

As sponsors, our team especially appreciates the opportunity at ACTEC National and Regional Meetings to brainstorm, solve problems, and serve as an informal resource to Fellows. We always want to be helpful with auctions or private sale recommendations, appraisals, art finance and art advisory services, as well as assisting with any additional art-related resources we can provide.