Sponsor Spotlight – Hindman

Sponsor Spotlight – Hindman

What’s new at Hindman?

Hindman is pleased to announce the appointment of Alyssa Quinlan as our new CEO, ushering in our fifth decade in business. Having served as Chief Business Development Officer and Executive Vice President for the last three years, and working at the firm for over ten years, we’re delighted to welcome her into this new role in 2023. In 2021, Hindman launched Hindman Appraisals, an independent LLC, with the purpose of assisting estate and tax professionals and their clients with fair and impartial appraisals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We have had the privilege of working with prominent family offices, estates, and collections from distinguished museums, institutions, corporations, and private individuals across the country. Hindman Appraisals performed several hundred USPAP and IRS compliant appraisals, and appraised nearly a quarter-billion dollars in fine and decorative arts last year, including jewelry, fine art, firearms, collectibles, household contents, and other tangible personal property.

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