Sponsor Spotlight – Willamette Management Associates

Sponsor Spotlight – Willamette Management Associates

What important trusts and estates issue is Willamette Management Associates working on?

Currently, we are assisting ACTEC attorneys with maximizing their clients’ remaining lifetime exemptions with gift transfers prior to 2026. Given that some clients may be more hesitant to effectuate such wealth transfers, we are providing counsel with a handful of possible scenario analyses to assist their clients in the decision-making process. Usually, these decisions are anchored on maintaining or handing over control of the family business to the next generation. These valuation assignments are rewarding to our colleagues when we can help a family make a decision that works best for their circumstances while maximizing their unified tax credits.

What does Willamette Management Associates find most enjoyable about sponsoring an ACTEC meeting?

Our experts have enjoyed sponsoring each of ACTEC’s National and Regional Meetings, as well as the ACTEC Fellows Institutes. We appreciate the collaborative partnerships that we form and develop throughout the years. The comradery of ACTEC Fellows and their willingness to help solve complex problems as a team are admirable. The national connections you gain allow you to provide enhanced service to your non-ACTEC-represented taxpayer clients, too. You start to be able to say, “I know someone!” when taxpayer clients need a new advisor or a tax litigator. The personal relationships we form with ACTEC Fellows keeps us coming back year over year.

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