Sponsor Spotlight - CAF America



What have you learned about your company and its place within the trust and estate world that you did not know before your partnership with ACTEC began?

Since it was CAF America’s first time sponsoring ACTEC this year, we were very pleased to learn how many ACTEC Fellows had already heard of us and referred clients to us! As the leading partner for philanthropists in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. to give overseas, it made sense that the country’s best and brightest estate planners were aware of and trusted our services. We also learned that there are still substantial opportunities for estate planners who have internationally minded clients to work with partners like us and add meaning to the legacy planning journey. We are particularly grateful to the Fellows we met at the 2023 Annual and Summer Meetings, who were able to share some of their clients’ challenges regarding their international planning. As a partner with specialized knowledge, we welcome the opportunity to join the planning table with client-driven professionals, and we have found a warm reception with the ACTEC Fellows.

CAF America